Legendary New York Yankee who hit 536 career home runs, was named American League MVP three times, and led the AL in home runs 4 times and batting average once. He was survived by his wife, Merlyn (Johnson) Mantle, and three sons: David, Danny and Mickey Jr. His fourth son, Billy, had earlier died of Hodgkins disease. SGC 5. Mickey Jr. later died of liver cancer on December 20, 2000 at age 47. She died on August 10, 2009 in Plano, Texas, USA. He remembered what his doctor told him then: "Your liver is still working, but it has healed itself so many times that before long you're just going to have one big scab for a liver. He was an alcoholic, which doctors said was at least partly responsible for causing his liver cancer. "I thought you were dead.". While Mantle was a hero on the field, he had his own struggles off of it battling alcoholism much of his life. [73], After Mantle's death, his family pursued a federal lawsuit against Greer Johnson, his agent and live-in aide during the last decade of his life, to prohibit her from auctioning many of Mantle's personal items, including a lock of hair, a neck brace, and expired credit cards. Mickey Mantle keeps his personal and love life private. [83] In 2018, the #7 card was issued to Yankees outfielder Clint Frazier. Mickey Charles Mantle (October 20, 1931 August 13, 1995), nicknamed "the Commerce Comet" and "the Mick",[1] was an American professional baseball player. During the final years of his life, Mantle purchased a condominium on Lake Oconee near Greensboro, Georgia, near Greer Johnson's home, and frequently stayed there for months at a time. 1959 is said to be his only "off season" in his prime, and historians point to 75 runs batted in as particularly low for him. He was of at least partial English ancestry; his great-grandfather George Mantle left Brierley Hill, in England's Black Country, in 1848. In 1963, he batted .314 in 65 games. "Once, they operated on my shoulder and tied the tendons together. In 1980, Mantle separated from his wife and the two lived apart for the rest of their lives and never got a divorce. Roger Eugene Maris (September 10, 1934 - December 14, 1985) was an American professional baseball right fielder who played 12 seasons in Major League Baseball (MLB). TimesMachine is an exclusive benefit for home delivery and digital subscribers. Deducting for bounces,[5] there is no doubt that both landed well over 500 feet (152m) from home plate. Mantle was assigned to the Yankees' Class-D Independence Yankees of the Kansas-Oklahoma-Missouri League, where he played shortstop. How many seasons did Mickey Mantle play? [45] Still, Mantle was known as the "fastest man to first base" and won the American League triple crown in 1956. In 1962, he became the highest-paid player in baseball with a $90,000 per year contract. The couple had four children together during the course of their marriage. That amount combined with his restaurant business and endorsements deals after he retired, Mantles net worth was $10 million when he died in 1995. "But the hope in this is that Mickey left behind a legacy. Mickey Mantle is one of the greatest baseball players ever. May 7, 2022 2:25pm. That book reports that Mantle's estate was valued at $8 million to $12 million dollars. It was a record that Mantle put into perspective when he was inducted into the Hall of Fame on Aug. 12, 1974. Alan Rosen, one of the biggest baseball card dealers in the business--in one year, he did $6 million worth of business--sponsored a reunion of the 1961 Yankees at Trump Castle in Atlantic City. That's how I signed with the Yankees.". Mantle was invited to the Yankees instructional camp before the 1951 season. [14] In addition to his first love, baseball, Mantle was an all-around athlete at Commerce High School, playing basketball as well as football. He even got me out of the commencement exercises so I could play ball because he was thinking of signing me for the Yankees. Mantle's powerful slugging and tendency to swing for the stands set the template for superstars of subsequent generations. ", In the end, though, he had a more poignant message. The season was bad for the Yankees, too, as they finished third. The 1959 season was another frustrating situation; this time the first half of his season was good and his second-half comparatively bad. He was also honored with the Hickok Belt as the top American professional athlete of 1956. Of his fear of dying early, he once said: "I'll never get a pension. He played the rest of his career with a torn ACL. [10][15] Shulthis Stadium, the baseball stadium in Independence where Mantle played, had been the site of the first night game of organized baseball in 1930. Some felt that his fame had permitted him to receive a donor liver in just one day,[69] bypassing patients who had been waiting much longer. Interestingly, the games best player at the time never tried to renegotiate a better deal after the 1963 season. After adjusting for inflation, he earned around $9 million from his various contracts. He checked into the Betty Ford Clinic on January 7, 1994 after being told by a doctor that his liver was so badly damaged from almost 40 years of drinking that it "looked like a doorstop". After the Oklahoma City bombing on April 19, 1995, Mantle joined with fellow Oklahoman and Yankee Bobby Murcer to raise money for the victims. He remembered later what it was like: "When I first retired," he wrote in an article in Sports Illustrated in 1994, "it was like Mickey Mantle died. David Mantle was recently walking in New York City when a passer-by said something odd. Mickey Gilley, who ran one of the world's largest honky tonks in Pasadena, Texas, and was credited with helping foster country music's revival in the late . However, Mantle still died on August 13, 1995 at Baylor University Medical Center. A year later, Mantle received a liver transplant, but on August 13, 1995, he died of a heart attack at the age of 63. All combined, Mantle earned $1.12 million during his career. Mickey Mantle Original 1969 Topps Baseball Card #500. On September 10, 1960, he hit a ball left-handed that cleared the right-field roof at Tiger Stadium in Detroit and, based on where it was found, was estimated years later by historian Mark Gallagher to have traveled 643 feet (196m). Greenwade returned in 1949, after Mantle's high school graduation, to sign Mantle to a minor league contract. With 37 homers, he was now a home run hitter, not just an all-around player with tremendous power. His football playing nearly ended his athletic career. Mickey Mantle passed away on August 13, 1995 at 63 years old.Mickey Mantle Net Worth. On May 22, 1963, against Kansas City's Bill Fischer, Mantle hit a ball that fellow players and fans claimed was still rising when it hit the 110-foot (34m) high facade, then caromed back onto the playing field. [10] In 1948, Yankees scout Tom Greenwade came to Baxter Springs to watch Mantle's teammate, third baseman Willard "Billy" Johnson. When Mantle was 4 years old, his father would come home from work and teach him how to swing the bat from both sides of the plate while his mother held dinner for them until there was no more daylight. 37 in its "50 Greatest Athletes" series. 1952 Mickey Mantle baseball card gets police escort (NCD) (NCD) DENVER It's known as the Holy Grail of post-World War II baseball cards. He hit often, he hit deep and he did it from both sides of the plate better than anyone else. Mantle finished with 54 home runs while leading the American league in runs scored and walks. His on-base percentage at one point, reached .537. In 1949, he received a draft-examine notice and was about to be drafted by the US Army but failed the physical exam and was rejected as unqualified and was given a 4-F deferment for any military service.[22][23]. In the 1920's, they won six American League pennants and three World Series. As of 2022, Mickey Mantle's net worth is $10 million. "This is the most aggressive cancer that anyone on the medical team has ever seen," said Dr. Goran Klintmalm, medical director of transplant services at Baylor. | Movieclip(2) |", "Tom Russell's Talents Still Shine Through", "Mantle, Yanks' Rookie, Loses Duel With Sun", "Mickey Mantle Inherits Baseball's Biggest Job", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Mickey_Mantle&oldid=1142182139, September 28,1968,for theNew York Yankees, 1956 - Mantle made a (talking) cameo appearance in, 1962 - Mantle and Maris starred as themselves in the film, 1988 - Mantle appeared in the official video for, 1993 and 1996 - References are made to Mantle in the sitcom, Career statistics and player information from, This page was last edited on 28 February 2023, at 23:52. He returned to the center field position on September 2. Mantle admitted that drinking had become a way of life even while he was playing. Mantle batted left-handed against his father when his father pitched to him right-handed, and he batted right-handed against his grandfather, Charles Mantle, when he pitched to him left-handed. In spite of short foul pole dimension of 296 feet (90m) to left and 301 feet (92m) to right in original Yankee Stadium, Mantle gained no advantage there as his stroke both left and right-handed drove balls there to power alleys of 344' to 407' and 402' to 457' feet (139m) from the plate. When Greenwade came back a week later, he said he'd give me a $1,500 bonus and $140 a month for the rest of the summer. Mickey Mantle, the most powerful switch-hitter in baseball history and the successor to Babe Ruth and Joe DiMaggio as the symbol of the long reign of the New York Yankees, died of cancer. [10] Mantle hit .313 for the Independence Yankees. In 1960, he Mantle hit was is still believed to be the longest home run in history. . In 1957, Mantle won his second consecutive MVP award. Mantle became a Christian when his former teammate Bobby Richardson, a Baptist, shared his faith with him. Among his many accomplishments are all-time World Series records for home runs (18), runs scored (42), and runs batted in (40).[21]. The low batting average caused his lifetime average to dip below .300, which caused him anguish the next year as he worked with a statistician to review all of his at-bats since 1951, hoping to find enough uncounted hits to elevate his average to .2995, but his lifetime average remained .298. And at the request of his son Danny and Pat Summerall, the former football player and current television broadcaster, he checked into the Betty Ford Center in 1994. $237.50. Mickey Mantle was elected into the Hall of Fame in 1974. In 1950, Mantle was promoted to the Class-C Joplin Miners of the Western Association. The first main series #7 card not issued to Mantle or a Yankee was to shortstop Orlando Arcia of the Milwaukee Brewers in 2021. Once, he put a live snake in Marshall Bridges's uniform, and another time he released a live mongoose into the visitors clubhouse at Tiger Stadium.[47]. See the article in its original context from. He commanded the biggest stage in sports as the center fielder for the most successful team in baseball, and he did it at a time when New York was blessed with three great center fielders renowned as "Willie, Mickey and the Duke," home run hitters who captivated the public in the 1950's as the leaders of memorable teams: Willie Mays of the Giants, Mantle of the Yankees and Duke Snider of the Brooklyn Dodgers. "When I was a kid," Mantle remembered a few years after he retired, "I used to work in the mines with my dad for $35 a week. He won the Triple Crown in 1956 and a Gold Globe Award in 1962. In 1974 Mantle was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame on the first ballot. As a teammate, he never complained about his injuries and always tried to lead by example. Mantle began attending school there and was an all-around athlete at Commerce High School. American professional baseball player Mickey Mantle had an estimated net worth of $12 million dollars at the time of his death, in 1995. His last contract paid him $100,000 per season (the same as $800,000 after adjusting for inflation). The home run was his 16th in a World Series, breaking Babe Ruth's record of 15. Mantle became the highest-paid active player of his time. In his first complete World Series (1952), Mantle was the Yankees hitting star, with an on-base percentage above .400 and a slugging percentage above .600. Also helping Mantle decide to enter the clinic was sportscaster Pat Summerall, who had played for the New York Giants football team at Yankee Stadium, by then a recovering alcoholic and a member of Mantle's Dallas-area country club. Mantle was just 63 years old at the time of his death. A statue of Mantle is located at Mickey Mantle Plaza at Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark, the home stadium of the Triple-A Oklahoma City Dodgers, 2 South Mickey Mantle Drive in Oklahoma City. The Yankees and Mantle were slowed by injuries during the 1965 season, and they finished in sixth place, 25 games behind the Minnesota Twins. During the game, Mantle hit three home runs. Mickey Mantle's height Unknown & weight Not Available right. He was 84. Mickey Mantle net worth: Mickey Mantle was an American professional baseball player who had a net worth of $10 million. He announced his retirement at the age of 37 in 1969 and delivered a farewell speech in Yankees Stadium. [citation needed] He outlived all the men in his family by several years. He showed a certain amount of humility and never let the stardom go to his head. Early Baseball Lessons From Both Sides of Plate. His on-base percentage was .400, for the year. In 2020, the #7 card was issued to right fielder Aaron Judge. [71], Mantle died at 2:10a.m. on August 13, 1995 at Baylor University Medical Center with his wife at his side, five months after his mother had died at age 91. He always talked about his love for the game. All Truth Of Leland Chapman's Wife - Jamie . Mantle, playing right field, raced for the ball together with center fielder Joe DiMaggio, who called for the ball (and made the catch). In the 1960 season, he hit what is still believed to be the longest home run in history. [59][60], Mantle allegedly took his first drink of alcohol at age 19, when teammate Hank Bauer gave him a beer that he "chugged as if it were soda pop", according to baseball historian Frank Russo. "Then in the World Series in 1951," Mantle said, "I tripped on the water-main sprinkler in the outfield while I was holding back so DiMaggio could catch a ball that Willie Mays hit, and I twisted my knee and got torn ligaments. Mickey Mantle passed away on August 13, 1995 at 63 years old.Mickey Mantle Net Worth.Net Worth:$10 . (2001) and The Greatest Summer of My Life: Billy Crystal and the Making of '61*' (2001). In 1964, he hit two home runs in his final two times at bat on July 4, and two more in his first two times up in the next game the following day. On August 25, 1996, about a year after his death, Mantle's Monument Park plaque was replaced with a monument bearing the words "A great teammate" and keeping a phrase that had been included on the original plaque: "A magnificent Yankee who left a legacy of unequaled courage." He said, "When I die, I wanted on my tombstone, 'A great teammate.' He took such an all-out swing at the ball that he struck out regularly and broke the record set two generations earlier by Ruth. She was married to Mickey Mantle. And then came the era of Mantle. I was 16 years old then, and my brothers and me would play ball out in the yard or out back in one of the fields. Mickey Mantle played for the New York Yankees from 1951 to 1968, and was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1974. . What was Mickey Mantle worth when he died? [17] In 1950, Mantle was promoted to the Class-C Joplin Miners of the Western Association. His annual salary was around $7,500 during his rookie year in 1951 and during his final playing years, his annual salary was estimated to around $ 100,000.
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