They critisize you a lot. My boyfriend is cancer and I am virgo. = Dont ask a reason for his every action. Cancers cardinal qualities of leadership complement Virgos changeable characteristics, making their relationship more stable and well-balanced. @Stud Louie Thats when you at the right time when it FEELS right, if you are so close like you say yall are. Reading about your attempt to make it work is somewhat discouraging, but I love him like I have never loved another. 5) constantly complain and say you always do this and you never do that when it might have been only once and most likely accidental. man just give her some space she is the best partner u get. He too hides alot from me and gets upset when I mention all the woman he has as contacts on his phone. She looks very familiar to me like i have known her forever. These article actually is quite good and accurate. I even moved from the U.K. to Scandinavia to be with her, and even though we had three kids together, she was never satisfied and always expected more. Thus, the Cancer man and Virgo woman compatibility tends to be a beautiful relationship with one another. WebThe Cancer man and Virgo girl are highly compatible. Obviously, this is a Catch 22 situation. Pisces man taurus. i was in and out of rehab for a couple of years but im finally clean and starting my 36 and still in love with her, I feel like Im incomplete, missing my core, soulless i guess itll take me a bit longer to get over the love of my life. There are two advantages of staying in this relationship in my opinion. All rights reserved. Read about the Cancer male love relationship with Virgo female. The formers sympathetic nature complements the latters compassion perfectly. The cancer man needs a partner which is confident and sure of what she wants but virgo women has problems of self confidence which may require man to built in the confidence but careful virgo ladies you have to make an effort as well we can only help so much. = Learn to be considerate. Some may turn to drugs to mask or dull the pain associated with the intensity of those feelings, mainly negative ones. I am cancer man my question is that. Your relationship with a Cancer man will be challenging, but any good thing worth keeping is worth a challenge. Required fields are marked *. = Be apologetic. We kiss all the time, but he will back off when we start going deep. Work on understanding your cancer mate, and show as much patience as you can or think he deserves. Never make a decision by yourself like he is not there at all. I do have to say Cancers are awesome in bed. Hazel, instead of focusing on him focus on you. He even called me last time when i get angry with him. Not that he lack confidence, hejust likesto be acknowledged (positive attention). i got great respect for cancer men, im a virgo girl. yea this poor soul! hey there!! He in relationship with a Virgo woman always admires her polite attitude towards him and gives her the freedom she needs when she really wants to be alone. He is often able to cause her to bloom with her own special kind of sentiments, which are pure and fine, like crystal, lacking the heaviness of extreme emotionalism. DO NOT READ INTO THINGS When he says something to you that doesnt make sense, just kindly ask him to explain (do not raise your voice); he likes talking about his feelings. I just could not understand why such a connection could come with so much dishonesty and hurt, he was with this other woman before I had been cut off emtionaly I was deeply hurt by his infidelity and cut ties with him 5 months later he was contacting me through email, not apologetic but just hoping that I did not hate him and being the Virgo that I am I was forgiving. Well I guess he will be ready soon. yes makeing love with him is awesome, he loves it so much he says its like leaving the earth, I agree! cancerwe fell in love the first day we metwhich unexpectedlywas the next day AFTER Mr. Capricorn and I parted wayshe makes sure to tell me everyday how much he loves me..and wants meand has dreamed about being with mebefore he even knew I existedand up until yesterdayI didnt believe him because of past hurtbuthe REALLY opened my eyesoh. What will help you keep your relationship strong? No matter what happens, cancer man and Virgo woman put irreplaceable and unforgettable memory in each other that will never be repeated which can last a life time and beyond. The worlds tensions are now being replaced with a warmth that feels a lot like love. Is loving a person so bad ? = Ask him about his fears and insecurities and work on it. I know him for one month already. If he doent have a goal, help findone. S.N the sex was AMAZING!. I was never really giving any attention of what she said at that time, because i was only interested to see her sitting straight and looking extremely lovely. Understanding and tolerance can help her to see beautiful forests for the trees with him and he gets stimulated by the gentle ways of his lady to become more open and expressive. Although i am a Cancer man, but i am a lil bit too young (21) lol, but i really hope you find your dream man! Cancer, an element of water, is the most challenging, profoundly sentimental and intuitive sign. but she will never understand. At the same time he has a vivid, concrete, reminder for knowing, feeling, how risky and dangerous sex could be, and that makes it even more thrilling and exciting. Its fascinating when this pair comes together. He is so passionate and unpredicatble. THROUGHTOUT MY 3 1/2 YEARS WITH MY CANCER GENTLEMAN IANALYZED AND ANALYZED MY RELATIONSHIP AND CAME TO THE CONCLUSION THT IT IS UP TO US VIRGO WOMENTO MAKE OURRELATIONSHIPS WORK WITHCANCER MEN. I decided I was going to raise my children alone that I could not handle another man. Getting mixed signals, scorpio, dating cancer is a pinnacle of virgo man taurus man. BECAUSE HE LOVE THE IDEA OF DIVINE INTERVENTION. Sexual union is not something either of them normally views as casual or frivolous. I was very desperate that i could find something about her that would calm me down for good, unfortunately i found nothing other than her name and managerial position. And by God, if he proposes and youve already decided youd probably marry him later on down the road, tell him your intentions. Although they have the potential to get along perfectly, a Cancer man and Cancer woman friendship can also be terrible. 6.) My message to her:- if you are out there reading this somewhere, i want you to keep your lovely look and add a beautiful smile to it every time everywhere you go. There is a lot of respect between the two zodiac signs, and a feeling of security that is enviable. He was warm, loving, tender affectionate and funny. Virgo is considered the most loner and single sign of the Zodiac. He had turned to drugs as wellespecially when he broke up with me. The other day, i have a shooting for my advertising and i ask his help to be one of the character in my advertising. He says he still loves her very much and wants her back. Once I left for good she flipped out! I honestly cant see myself being with anyone else and Im a strong believer in love at first sight. I am thankful every day for my Cancer. I dont sweat the small stuff, just the biggies. As a couple, the Cancer man's attachment to reality and pragmatism will be a support for the Virgo woman. But what hurts him most is her strong criticism and her interest in outer world to get love. I was very desperate that i could find something about her that would calm me down for good, unfortunately i found nothing other than her name and managerial position. Im a cancerian man who was married to a Virgo woman for over12 years, and together for 14 1/2. A Pisces man and a Scorpio woman are very compatible according to their zodiac signs. Give him time and space to figure things out on his own and time to miss you. Please forgive me in advance if I got your hopes up for nothing and good luck to you and many blessings for your future with your Cancer man. A Virgo man and Cancer womans compatibility is very natural and well-balanced because of the specific attributes of their zodiac signs. A robust endearment, a trustworthy partner with whom one can share an exceptional bond with, are the only important things that makes a couple live a successful life together, which is present in these two. The day we met was cataclysmic, he watched me dancing for an hour before I stopped long enough to notice his beautiful smile, he was there in all his tallness(63) watching me. I am not saying go out there and cheat. I dont know if she is happily married or has a solitary life. I am a virgo woman in a relationship for almost a year with a cancer man. He isnt joking, and if you laugh at him assuming that he is, he might think youre laughing at the idea. I had cancer rising too so I have same pain and emotion like cancerian. He is also amused with the amount of kindness and warmth that she provides him with, which makes him fall in love with her, all over again. Their courting may look downright old-fashioned to more restless types, with polite respect shown on both sides. = Try to share some secrets with him fairly, he will trust you even more for doing that. Both of these signs tend to be misunderstood in popular astrology, but they His post is about the third to the last. He is a gem and I am his lady. But when she is in a relationship with Cancer man, she is stirred inwardly with his loving nature and is capable of fulfilling his strong need for both sensuality and affection. He also may be a bit possessive which he has to take care of. Their work compatibility is high as they go along very well. They are actually better suited as lovers than as friends, and often when a Cancer man and Cancer woman become close in friendship they will end up romantically entangled. she is my loss she is my gain, she is my laugh, she is my cry. We kiss all the time, but he will back off when we start going deep. Iam a Virgo women and iam with cancer man. VIRGOS PURITY LIES IN HER TEARS. I later realized that he is so business minded and keep forcing me to work with him. Davids Abigail, I need your help, Tabitha, or anybody else, who is also a Virgo woman with a cancer boyfriend. but hes different and I want him. You share a similar approach to money and domestic comfort, and Cancers dependency works very well with Virgos protectiveness. We didnt want to say goodbye!is this high school? Cancer man is a very very very kind-hearted man in the world. yes virgo woman also feel same as well you i m a virgo woman and i know the meaning of feelings but cancer man never open his feelings infront of virgo woman cancer man hide there feelings . Im a Virgo female, he contacted me Recently expressing his feelings he had from 10 years ago, and let me tell you, he told me the same exact this you just said. I dont know how to describe her, but she have something unique and special in her. They complement each other well in various aspects of a relationship, from friendship to marriage. I tried to forget her the other day, but i couldnt. Her wanting to be alone has nothing to do with you, its a Virgo thing. Pisces man taurus. My Virgo Cancer love story is still on-going I am a tough cookie to crack as he says but he managed fine because he has found my soft centre. WebNaturally, a Virgo man and a Cancer woman are highly compatible. Know with whom you share the best and worst relations with, based on your Zodiac Sign. WebA Cancer man with his steady, watchful intelligence will win the respect of his Virgo woman. I hope you give an update! I dont know how to start but then right now i really think the article is true. Hey! We may not remember all the words but will never forget the way they made us hurt and how it made us feel. I just want to cut him off. I think cancer men are more susceptible to drug use b/c dealing with emotions is a very difficult thing to handle at times, and we can become overwhelmed. Talk to her and tell her how you feel. Why does he react that way? Virgo, you have been independent through out your life, you dont have to be anymore, because relationship is all about sharing and caring. Im a Virgo woman and she would not be there if she didnt want to. = Limit too much interaction outside of relationship. = Try to spend most of your time at home after work. When i didnt text him, he feel sad and ask why i didnt text him from my best friend. They can be very compatible. Cancer man loves a dress in a woman. Both of them are as loyal and faithful towards one another, thus making no space for distrust, jealousy or possessiveness to take place. How to. As the Water and Earth comes physically in contact with each other there are always great chances of beautiful blossoms. Actually, i want to says yes. There is divine connection between Cancer and Virgo in their physical act of making love. never had that with anyone else! = Spend quality time with him. I have to agree with many aspects of this article, but only as a general guide. So for now I just want my cancer to be a friend, and if something comes from that the better. LOL!! = Consult with him. Muuuuuuah to u baby. Today i went on a date with a virgo woman and im a cancer man. Likewise, a Scorpio woman is softened by the kindness and gentleness Dont give him a hard time if he doesnt shout I LOVE YOU. tell him how you truly feel about about him and see what he thinks about you, also if hes being moody and upset just hug him and ask him whats really making him upset. Im in love with a cancer man. I met a virgo women a few weeks ago! ZODIAC SIGN. DO NOT NAG HIM We Virgos (have to admit) are naggers, only because we want everything to be perfect we have fallen into this category. Im a Virgo woman whos not perfect but this man makes me feel complete and loved like no other has loved me. Who knows perhaps someday if we meet i will express what i felt for you in person for better or for worse when the time and situation are perfect. Hi i am a Virgo woman an my boyfriend is a cancer as well as my lil sister and i been with my boyfriend for a little while now and he drives my crazy sexual and mental but i love every thing about him i guess you will say hes the best i never felt like this before and i know i can be very demanding and criticizing even maybe a little crazy but with him i feel free from drama and stress he lets me know hes opinion on situation and help me realize my so called best friend was using me and might i add he loves his kids ,,,. He knows im very independent. The twelfth sign of the zodiac, Pisces, is understanding, intuitive, artistic, and sympathetic. Virgo gives Cancer much-needed boundaries, and Cancer gives Virgo the kind of care and nourishment they need to evolve. He has a desire to lead and she finds his leadership fine in all the ways. a friend sent me a link to this page. And us virgos can not say that we are not emotional creatures in a sense, we nead to learn from one another as much as we can right, i mean the connection is there already!!!!!!!!!!!! When he arrived, we quarrel. He is one of a kind determined person who is steadily strong and achieves success in all conditions. Very pure as and warm. Ive always liked him, but didnt know how he felt about me. He is also asomewhat complicated man. Why when i taked about other men, hes get angry? Im telling you i know nothing about this lady. But what to do, for me she is everywhere, she is in the bath tub, she is in the soap, she is sitting next to me, she is in bed, she is singing with me, she is weeping with me. Cancer . i dont know if she feel the same for me, but after reading all you guys comments, it looks like she does! Thanks for this.. im just happy to read things like this .. = Dont you ever try to boss him. Im a Virgo woman and though I was touched, being a home wrecker wasnt gonna happen no matter how much I still love him. Sometimes, she may become a bit annoyed and critical, isolated and aloof. Its funny how were best friends we actually new each other at school!! Which I love, and just yesterday we had a little date. Sandra, WOw we can be the same person, you can withhold really? My divorce from him who is a pisces will be complete in December. Im a Virgo Woman met my Cancer Man a year ago. I was 17 he was 18 and 10 years later I still think about this man, cry a lot coz I never experienced such love since the breakup. It took at least a year and a half to fall in love between us. Guess what, he come late. There is great potential for the couple to succeed in a long-term relationship given they make a few adjustments. The happy virgo , I have to agree with everyone about this article being amazingly accurate. The the last 3 years of the marriage I found myself self-medicating to relieve stress derived from the relationship. We met over the internet as we lived in different country. But when he has been hurt by me, he will go weeks without touching me. My cancer man is three years older than me. But needless to say my cancer friend doesnt do drugs and really just started to try to drink so lets hope he doesnt like I do want to have happiness again with someone,and if it happens to be with him I will be greatful. I dont sweat the small stuff, just the biggies. My cancer boyfriend and I lived together for two years it was a beautiful two years the best years of my life..he ended the relationship with me just a while back said that I hurt his feelings over his two girls..If you are in love with a cancer man and he has kids of his own know that the love for his childeren runs deep as well as it does for his Mother, and even though he adores you, he expects you to share the same feelings as he does for his loved onesso it takes alot of understanding from the virgo womanBut if you can deal with that and be extremly careful of his sensitive nature then you can have a beautiful life but remember he is the crab and that shell is tuff as nails and cant be cracked ! You dont have to say yes right away, but dont reject him. But you wont believe how he punishes me! The nature of bonding between the Cancer male and the Virgo female is quite strong as both are a 'made for each other' couple and thus the Cancer man and Virgo woman love compatibility is sure to reach great heights. its his nature to show sympathy, cant help it. I am hurting and trying to do my classic, see ya! (He is cancer sign and virgo rising sun, I am virgo and cancer rising sun.) Pisces man taurus. heres my answer one decade later, lol, just talk to him in an apologetic way and that should do it. As the water of Cancer touches the earth of Virgo, it finds a place to settle down and help flourish beautiful flowers of love and happiness. but sometime i feel that things could happen becuase he probebly still have feelings for his babymoms and i dont really know whats happening meain while he over there. Who knows perhaps someday we will meet and feel our connection in person when the time and situation are perfect. I had the same exact thought! He truly helps me to build my trust and he is a great l listener. But there are somethings, which can improve the alliance between this love duo. They happen to be the most intense amongst the Zodiac Signs and are the ones that are highly driven by emotions. Im a Cancer man Shes Virgo , we havent met , she called me and somehow i interrupted her phonecall not intentionally , she holds grudges on that and stays distant , we argued , she unfollowed me , deleted my snap , still i can text her and she texted me back after the fight , saying stuff like shes done she doesnt have time for this , she mentioned the phonecall again , but she didnt BLOCK me , anyone what should i do , im confused. That all i know about her. He can effortlessly share his darkest secrets with her as she is kindhearted and offers him practical answers to his questions, nonetheless her simple answers to his complex issues may not be very appreciable in his eyes. Virgo, remember There is nothing makes a man happiest than to be respected by his woman. WebCancer & Virgo LOVE COMPATIBILITY In a Cancer-Virgo love match, there exists a strong, down-to-earth relationship with staying power is the happy result. On the other hand, Virgo pays attention to details and admires perfection. 7.) I felt that he was feeling me. We both want it to last forever. :c, Just met this cancer manIm a TRUE virgohes a TRUE cancerIve been very doubtful of our relationship because Im fresh off of a 5 year log relationship with a Capricorn.. but Mr. CancermmmmMr. Im compelled to meet another water sign man, esp a Pisces, I think water and earth are great together. I mean im 18 almost 19, never been in a relationship and Im not into drugs. It really hurt me as I was away from him. I dont know how to describe her,but she have something unique and special in her.I prefer the word lovely because i want to make it traditional and normal as she is.The words dont explain the connection i felt for this lady, No one ever capture my heart like that before.Though Im not that kind of person who can easily fall in love even for a princess or miss world.I tried to forget her the other day,but i, i went online and Google her. If he cause you to feel the way you do you are blessed but make sure it goes both ways so that it will flourish into something more beautiful than ever. @scott and Sandra, Thank you so much for responding! Take time to shine. His weakness made me stronger, I mean I was raised by a Leo and a Taurus so I have some confidence in me to be the leading type. WE ARE AFRAID THAT HE WILL FIND OUT THAT WE ARE NOT PERFECT. Everything is double edged sword in life, and relationships take a ton of work, constantly and consistently. If your heart is in the right place, you couldnt ask for a better mate. The Virgo man is precise and meticulous, making him instantly attractive in the eyes of the Cancer woman. This is so fascinating! HOME. His children are as mine and we are a happy family even though we are all still greiving me and him more than the rest. We dated for two years and I was off to college then we just drifted I guess. You can do it !!! You just met up and you slept with him already!!!.. i actmired him alot espacially when i see how hard worker he is when he took me to his job is really sweet to me he told me that he does not know how to talk to me becuase he said im diffrent from other girls he has 2 daughters and it seems his a really good father he always going to see them and buying them everything they need.
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