He's probably best known for his long tenure at KOMA 92.5 and was the only talent KOMA hired from the old KOQL "Kool 102" after its flip to country in December 1993. In 2011 he introduced the syndicated "Charlie Tuna's Hollywood Minute", 4 to 5 top entertainment stories each day. Recent Headlines. The programming is also relayed on analog translators for those without HD Radio-capable receivers. Even DX listeners in other countries who often write with reports of scratchy moments of reception of KOMA-AM in Sweden, Australia, Finland, and many others could instantly confirm their reception during simulcast periods by visiting www.komaradio.com on their computers. This is a great audio history of radio formats, music, local commercials, news and broadcast personalities at the time in Los Angeles. We had good competition, but none came close. OPUS TOP 100 YEAR END COUNTDOWN SHOWS.. TOP 100 of 1974 - Host Mark MaKay . Radio Broadcasting History, Radio People (S1) Radio Broadcasting History. Oklahoma City radio and television icon Danny Williams has died from complications following a heart attack in October, daughter Shevaun Williams said. Turns out, it's even been heard around the world.Longtime KOMA fan Joe "Sarge" Nelson reminisced about hearing Kaye's voice while on combat duty as a Navy SEAL in Vietnam in 1969. While The Love Station is still the licensee for the translator, they began to lease it to Tyler Media in February 2014, who originally used it as an FM simulcast of KOKC. WNWN [Battle Creek MI] 2002-2002 - Chris St. John. At 3pm on November 9th, 1998, KOMA AM/FM began broadcasting from the new location. 2. There for a while, I'd walk down the hall and fall down. qatar to toronto flight status. Meet the on air team at KOAM and FOX14 that brings you the latest news, weather and sports from the 4-State area. KOMA CLUB 51 total. He has been the announcer on a number of television game shows, including Time Machine, Scrabble, Scattergories, The $25,000 Pyramid, The Quiz Kids Challenge, and The New Battlestars. Bharti Shahani, a student at Texas A&M University, was one of . His last full-time morning show aired on September 17, 2007, when the station flipped to a non-rhythmic-based adult contemporary format, as 104.3 My FM. The Storz chain of stations consisted of KOMA, Oklahoma City, WHB, Kansas City, WTIX, New Orleans, WDGY, Minneapolis, KXOK, St. Louis, and WQAM, Miami. In October 1991, KKNG evolved from soft AC into a more mainstream AC playlist in order to compete with market leader (and future sister station) KMGL, while retaining the "Mix 92.5" branding. captain america: the winter soldier script pdf. Steve West July 24, 2013 1 min read. However, his on-air time at KOMA will always be how I remember him best. Authorization is only required to store your personal settings. Dudley Shaw, an energetic business man and an excellent engineer, was KFJFs creator. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Area Overnight air shift . "I was hard to find since I'm no longer in the business," he said. In the summer of 1927, KFJF began moving its transmitter to a site twelve miles east of the Oklahoma City limits. KOMA was born on Christmas Eve, 1922 in Oklahoma City. [6] KXLS was owned by Robert Williams, the owner of House of Sound, a high-end sound store. Eagle Soars Into Show Low. KOMA, Oklahoma City John Bagwell Todd Brandon Bob Burke Larry Carolla Michael Dean Paul Harvey Kent Jones Machine Gun Kelly Carl Mann Peter Martin Mark Mathew John Ravenscroft Barry Robb Dan Robins Rod Roddy Don Shafer Glynn Shannon Todd Storz Charlie Tuna John Walton Danny Williams J. Michael Wilson . Based in New York, they kept the Country Format until September of 1985 when it was determined that FM competition for the country audience was too much to overcome. The station's studios are located in Northeast Oklahoma City with a transmitter site located a mile east from the studio. Danny Williams, Ronnie Kaye and Fred Hendrickson all worked in the building during the 1970s when they were disc jockeys for WKY. Marc Alan McLean, sales manager at Swanco's KQEO in Albuquerque, became KKNG's new general manager. From the mid 50s to the mid 70s, KAKC ruled the teen and young adult audience, dominating the local radio scene like no other station has before or since. He was kind of like a big brother. The station's studios are located in Northeast Oklahoma City with a transmitter site located a mile east from the studio. He presided over its 1975 call-letter change to KIIS, and broadcast the first show at KIIS-FM as it began its AM/FM simulcast. KENT JONES. Listeners turn us on to have fun listening to their favorite songs played by legendary personalities Announcer 1960-61. Personalities - KOMA David Kelso Obituary - Death - Oklahoma City Radio personality and 104.5 KRXO/KOMA disc jockey, DJ David Kelso has died from brain cancer on September, 14th, 2021, leaving loved ones in The Big 97: Tulsa's KAKC Radio - Tulsa Historical Society Category:Radio personalities from Kansas City, Missouri Carl Mann - KATI Radio Casper. Like any reunion, the alumni were a little older, and maybe a little grayer, but their voices remained unchanged from the days when they charmed the airwaves in the 1950s and 1960s. "We've never been together all at once since we left WKY," said Ronnie Kaye, one of the men behind the event. Can't tell if Ronnie Kaye's new background music to his entry music is from " O ricky you're so fine" or fron Mambo #5? Otra era una estacin de Los Angeles en el 64 de AM. Find more info on AllPeople about Joe McIntosh and Koma, as well as people who work for similar businesses nearby, colleagues for other branches, and more people with a similar name. KOMA transmits an HD Radio signal. I hosted a highly rated Monday-Friday radio show on the legendary 92.5 KOMA, a full-service personality oriented 100.000 watt classic hits FM radio station, and scheduled all of KOMA's music logs . during the sixties in Presctt, Arizona, I had agood many make out sessions in my car while listening to Koma. Thus, in late 2000, the RIAA imposed royalty fees on radio stations and other Internet broadcasters retroactive to October, 1998. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. RETIREMENT: KOMA morning personality Danny Williams, 81, who plans to retire after 61 years in . "We appealed to younger and older audiences. " Recordar es volver a vivir. In December 2019, he noticed his malfunction when he was at home that Saturday. (Tuna was replaced as host of Back to the 70s by M. G. Kelly, who served as the show's syndicator.) Meet the Team - KOAM Longtime radio personality and Boss Jock Charlie Tuna died several days ago at the age of 71. Dudley Shaw, an. The nighttime signal was quite strong into Sheridan. . While hundreds of KFJF listeners were visiting the new studios to see radio in action, Dudley Shaw was urging President Calvin Coolidge to federally regulate radio. [14] New City wouldn't retain KKNG for long however. In February 1968, House of Sound sold KXLS to Dawson Communications, Inc., operating as Capitol Broadcasting, Inc.[8] The sale was finalized July 3, 1968. Legendary radio personality Ronnie Kaye remembers WKY as KFOR Moves 4Ward News. "We'll probably never be together like this again. " Williams was one of the original 15 members of the Oklahoma Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame. Like most radio stations during the 1950s, KFRC lost ratings and share to television. 6 hours ago. Soldiers in Viet Nam even reported tuning in KOMA to give them a little feeling of being back home. On-Air: Weekdays 10am-2pm Save peace in the world. Headquartered in the Biltmore Hotel for over three decades, it was an influential part of local . Deane Johnson is one of those rare talents who has settled down in Nebraska after retirement from radio. The radio personality is Linda McInnes, with a great radio voice. Install the free Online Radio Box app for your smartphone and listen to your favorite radio stations online - wherever you are! Legendary radio personality Ronnie Kaye remembers WKY as Rick Ayers - Owner - Ayers Entertainment | LinkedIn. They don't make em' like that anymore. I was a teenager in the 60's in North Dakota, KOMA at night was one of the loudest signals on the band. After moving back to OSU to receive a masters degree, he went to work for KRAV radio in Tulsa, where he spent 10 years climbing from part-time shifts, production director, program director, to ultimately morning show personality. J Michael Wilson began his career at KATI in 1960-61 and was a student of English teacher George Schell. KOMA was the station all of the teenagers listened to growing up in Sheridan, Wyoming. Tuna then moved on to WMEX in Boston for the first 9 months of 1967. Oklahoma City radio station KOMA 1520 AM survey chart for the week of 07/01/59. He moved his radio station voice imaging business to Black Card Radio later that year. KFJF was originating some of its own programming by this time and original ideas for better broadcasting were of paramount importance. During this period, KFJF increased its power to 125 watts reaching as far away as New Jersey, and claimed to have over 100,000 listeners! Popular with both the listening public and his peers, Charlie Tuna was named one of the "Top 10 L.A. Radio Personalities of All Time" in 1997. is there quicksand in hawaii. At age 16 . Thanks 92.5 KOMA. She is currently one of owners of Positive Changes Hypnosis Center with former radio colleague Catherine Johns. Attention! Something called Top 40 with Rock N Roll music was the latest trend in radio. Since 2019, David had been battling an aggressive form of brain cancer known as glioblastoma. Randy Anson, the program director of Swanco's WBYU in New Orleans, relocated to Oklahoma City to assume those same duties at KKNG. [1] Famous for his gravelly voice, he credited it for his success, saying, "It's kept meat and potatoes on the table for years for Wolfman and Wolfwoman. His 30+ years as Program Director of KOMA radio in Oklahoma . Automation proved to be too sterile and impersonal, so personality was returned to KOMA. I listened to KOMA from 1957 to well into the 1960's. The tapes came from an estate sale and could have belonged to Scott Walker or Alex Stone. COMPLETE RADIO-OGRAPHY. . "We had 50 to 60 percent of the audience then," Wehba added. It was more than just the music. John Hart grew up surrounded by music. A mind-blowing audio montage (49 min) from stations in New York, Chicago, Louisville, Indianapolis and Toledo illustrating an exciting era of personality radio. Midwest Stereo then took the station silent on January 19, 1966 as the new owners prepared to make major changes. On July 1,1984, Price Communications, Inc. purchased KOMA from the Storz Family. I was a college kid at OU and if I remeber right I was paid 5 dollars an hour. J Michael Wilson - KATI Radio Casper. Denis is the host of The Marilyn Denis Show and co-host of CHUM-FM's Marilyn Denis and Jamar. Indeed, there were former employees from Los Angeles, Shreveport, La., Louisville, Ky., and Tulsa, as well as people who never left the area. With the big 50,000-watt signal and the relatively few rock-n-roll radio stations across the plains, KOMA was the main station for the hits. With the help of friend and KATI DJ Sarge McClintock, Wilson left for KOOK in Billings in 1962. Install the free Online Radio Box application for your smartphone and listen to your favorite radio stations online - wherever you are! The building on SW 4th St. in Moore, OK became vacant after 37 years of broadcasting from that location. KOMA was the most advanced news station in Oklahoma, devising the first (and for some time, the only) direct teletype wire service with the United Press. "It was kind of a joint birthing effort," Jerry Kunkel, the other planner, said. Wolfman Jack was born Robert Weston Smith, in Brooklyn, New York, on January 21, 1938. KOMA was born on Christmas Eve, 1922 in Oklahoma City. The on-air personalities took their stage names from the board of directors of LIN broadcasting, the owners of KAAY. That station had a somewhat . September 15, 2021. J Michael Wilson. During the 1950s, television was forcing radio into a period of change. In late 2012 Tyler Media of Oklahoma City, founded by KOMA personality Ralph Tyler in 1965, purchased KOMA and the Renda group of stations in OKC.
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